Spada Wellness Center (massage & spa) (Manila)

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    Website: http://www.spadamassage.com‎
    Phone: 63 2 254 4605
    Address: Unit D Wardley Building, 1991 Taft Avenue, Corner San Juan St
    Open Hours: 0:00-24:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Spada Wellness Center (massage & spa) is located in the Pasay City. It provides different kinds of massage services, such as Spada Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage,Spada Foot Massage and so on. The body care, foot care, body wash and skin treatments in this shop will bring you a distinctive experience of enjoying massage.
    had Yujiro, amazing massage!1 She also did a great lingam for me, but when asking if it is relaxed, I know it's time to tip her, it may be a little experience, totally 1250 concluding massage with lingam and body wash.
    I just visited again and tried Troy this time. she did great massage, but when I declined for lingam massage, she was mad adn push for it, it was a bad ending. The environment was OK but still had space to improve. On the whole, it was a nice place to go, and I am going to call for home service.
    It was my first time in Spada, my massager named Miko or Niko, anyway, he did massage for me and it was all great at the begining, then, I could feel he ES me, and it went to the sensual way. He asked for more but I declined, so it ended unhapppily, I paied 1 hour which just last 40mins. If you want a real massage, tell them in advance.
    This place is just OK for its massage, I tried once and the masseuse seemed so busy, she rushed me to come out, maybe it depands on the massager. But if you are loiking for a ES, it is a perfect place.
    Just had a try in Spada and it was really amazing. Great massage which I want to thans brilliant Macky, he did such a great massage for me, just felt my body was totally brand new! Definitely return soon.
    I've tried Spada for times, the body is not bad but I recommend to raise the water temperature as it was too cold. The massage really depands on the massager, my experences were all good! Anyway, this is a quite good place for massage, I would try FHM and Lingam the next time.
    Been there twice and it offers me the same enjoyment, excellent! Before you session, they will provide you with lingam or FHM, which are really comfortable, definitely worth to experience, and Lingam cost me about 1000. 
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